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Human Centered Design

Hi, I'm Florian, an independent strategist helping organizations to (re-)define their business, brand positioning and human centred design. My goal is to align the organisations activities to improve the interaction and fulfillment at the touchpoints with internal and external audiences.

In the last 10 years I worked with leading branding agencies, consultancies and companies from the automotive, consumer, engineering, finance, health and media sector. In addition I lecture at schools for design and business management.

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Publications & Talks

Beitrag zum Thema interaktionsorientierte Markenführung
C. Totz, F.-U. Werg (2014): Interaktionen machen Marken – wie die Digitalisierung Interaktionen zum Kern der Markenführung macht, in Marke und digitale Medien. Der Wandel des Markenkonzeptes im 21. Jahrhundert (Stefanie Dänzler, Thomas Heun Hrsg.), Springer Gabler.

Blaue Stunde @Stan Hema
In 2012 I interviewed branding and digital professionals about "branding in the digital age". At Stan Hema's "Blaue Stunde" discourse format I'll give a keynote of the interviews findings and provide an overview for the implications for the design of interfaces, interactions, service design, ecosystems and data visualisation.

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