We are an independent brand and strategy consulting cooperative. We create business impact by brand driven transformation.

Our Services


Exploring the nature of the challenge. Quantitative research design, field execution and analysis. Insight, foresight, market and culture reports.
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • Stakeholder Insights
  • Culture Analysis


The poodle's and our core. Business and brand strategy are two sides of the same coin and that's how we develop them - integrated and synergetic.
  • Business Models
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • eSales & Integrated Multi-Channel Commerce
  • Portfolio Strategy & Brand Architecture


Making brands work. We design experiences, interactions and transactions that grow your business.
  • Stakeholder Journeys
  • Service development
  • Processes
  • Design Systems
  • Touchpoint development


Strategy implementation and brand management are cross-divisional topics. We bring together what belongs together so that brands can deliver their fulfillment.
  • Strategy-Implementation via OKRs
  • Steering of measures with KPIs
  • Project Management and Organization
  • Data, Insight, Belief and Bet (DIBB) driven decision making

Our stance on strategy and branding

  1. We take your business and brand on a serious trip
  2. We consider the creation of valuable brands as an integral part of business leadership
  3. We recognize your brand to be your most valuable immaterial asset
  4. We believe brand performance is not only about how it looks and communicates – but how it works
  1. We follow an applied strategy approach to get quickly into prototyping – turning ideas into business reality
  2. We blend data with insights  – strategy with creativity – economics with psychology
  3. We have learned that collaboration in high expertise networks delivers better results
  4. We believe that good advise is independent

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